How can I resolve dynamic dependencies for non-release versions in gradle 1.x?

We have been using Gradle (1.x) for our core product for a while now and have had lots of success with it. However, in smaller projects we are running into problems with the dependency resolution. We have “QA” releases for common jars stored in a Maven repo (Artifactory) and we need a project to depend on that version. Because it is a common jar dependency, it will typically get released at the same time as the small project but evolve separately. So, my small project has a dependency like:

compile “grp:module:1.0-qa003”

We want the module to be a dynamic version like:

compile “grp:module:1.0+”

but still resolve to the latest QA release. These QA releases are not SNAPSHOTs, but jars in testing. Any idea of how to make this work? Does our version naming need to change in some way?

Thanks. Rob