How can I reference project classes from test task listener?

I want to apply an after test listener per

However, I need to reference a class (src/main/java) that is part of the project inside that closure. Is that possible?

I have tried all forms of playing with test.bootstrapClasspath that I can think of. But nothing seems to work.

I have tried:

test {
    bootstrapClasspath += project(':hibernate-core').sourceSets.main.output

which gives : A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘hibernate-orm’. > Could not find property ‘sourceSets’ on project ‘:hibernate-core’.

The test listener gets executed in the Gradle JVM, not the test JVM(s). So you’d have to put the class on the build script class path, or load it with a class loader.

So then no, there is not a realistic way to do this…

Lets look at this another way… Given a Gradle build, is there anyway I can have some code that is part of the built project called after each test run?

The only way would be to use a ‘URLClassLoader’ and add the classes dir of the code you want to use (and any dependencies), then load the class through this.

We are working towards a more flexible model for being able to designate projects as buildscript dependencies, but this is a long road.