How can I ignore namespace errors?

There’s a lot of third-party packages that haven’t set a namespace, making impossible to build an Android app using those packages under Gradle 8. How can this be resolved without changing anything on the packages’ side ?

Can you elaborate please on what at all you are talking about? :slight_smile:

Could be relevant to discussion I started last week. Haven’t seen any solution for now.

NPM packages like lottie-react-native for example don’t have an android {namespace: ‘com.example’} set yet, which causes the gradle build to fail completly and the only way to fix it, is either create a local patch for every single dependency that is outdated under gradle 8 or wait for the package maintainers to catch up, which sometimes is unrealistic

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But why is this related to Gradle 8?
What is a namespace?
And what do have NPM packages to do with an Android application?
Are you sure this discussion is appropriate in the Gradle community?