How build multiple projects with gradle with multiple jdk versions?

I have multiple projects and build using different jdks(IBM,SUN) and versions(1.6,1.7,1.8).

In my gradle script of the each project I have defined the sourceCompatibility and targetCompatibility. How can I define the each project specific

If I define the IBM jdk 6 as in my main project file other projects build will fail.

I have file only main gradle project.

I don’t want to use JAVA_HOME class path variable to run my gradle scripts. I’m using gradle 2.4.

Please give some advice to fix this issue?

I have tried to add file in each project and try to override But that also couldn’t work.

You have to specify “javac” for the JavaCompile tasks, probably similar to what I do. If you apply the linked gradle script for a project and call, say configureJavaCompilers(6), it will use the javac specified in the jdk6Compiler properties (possibly definend in the global