Hot to get output to STDOUT/STDERR in the forked test-JVM?

I’m creating some integration tests for an app using Logback and for some reason Logback doesn’t behave as expected. The same file works outside the integration tests and those tests are set up in a way that the same dir structure, current working dir etc. is provided like outside the tests. Logback allows enabling some debugging during parsing its log file, but I don’t get any output on the shell, I guess because Gradle creates another JVM running the tests.

So how can I get output to STDOUT or STDERR of the invoked JVM? Is there some additional way within the tests to output easily low level on STDOUT/STDERR? I don’t seem to get any System.out.println(...) on the shell.


The generated HTML-reports for executed tests contain collected STDOUT and STDERR, so Gradle is collecting everything of the additionally executed JVM, but not printing it on the shell. The important thing to note is that within the HTML-reports STDOUT and STDERR are only shown on the level of the test class, so one needs to access that. Afterwards there are tabs, depending on which of both is available. The debugging output of Logback can be properly seen there, as well as any other statements like System.out.println(...), console output for logging statements etc.