Help needed to be able to build Maven project as a source dependency for a Gradle project

HI all

We’re trying to workaround an issue with Atlassian JIRA REST Java client (JRJC) depending on out-dated Guava version, so, considering there’re changes necessary, that are already merged in their Git repo, I decided to give “source dependencies” a try.

So this is what I put into ‘settings.gradle’:

sourceControl {
    gitRepository("") {
        rootDir 'core'

and this in build.gradle:

    implementation('com.atlassian.jira:jira-rest-java-client-core') {
        version {
            branch = 'master'

Gradle Wrapper is set to use 4.10 version

However, when I try to run gradlew assemble it ends up with

Could not determine the dependencies of task ‘:bootJar’.
Could not resolve all task dependencies for configuration ‘:runtimeClasspath’.
Git repository at did not contain a project publishing the specified dependency.
Required by:
project :

which leads me to suspect that it’s not a quite trivial thing to do. Unfortunately I was not able to google for any examples, so I have to ask - has anyone ever tried to use “source dependencies” feature of Gradle to checkout and build Maven projects, and where can one read more on this ?