Help migrating Maven failsafe integration tests, with "profile" (for

In the context of, I’m trying to learn how to migrate a maven-failsafe-plugin which is in a “native” profile appropriately to Gradle:

So basically, to replicate the Maven surefire vs failsafe behaviour, all tests named *IT need to not run during and together with regular tests, but instead run separately, and only after the “quarkusNative” Gradle task. Additional constraint: We don’t want to have to move and use a separate src/it source set, but just keep the *IT in src/test - just like in Maven.

The first part seems relatively trivial (test { exclude '**/*IT*' } seems to do the trick…), but I’m not super clear how to now create another test (task?), for the same old single src/test sources, which runs ONLY all *IT - and does so at the right point in the “lifecycle” … suggestions?

You can see how the default test task is created in the Gradle sources