Help - Jenkins crash leaves me unable to use gradle wrapper

So, I had a jenkins instance running with many jobs, all of which used Gradle to build, based on a template that ran gradle with the wrapper for each job.

I recently upgraded and everything looked good, but then the thing crashed for some reason I’m still trying to understand.

But I had made a backup before I did the upgrade and I was able to restore that. Now Jenkins runs but none of my gradle builds do. They all error out when they try to download the gradle zip file indicated in the wrapper. Somehow the proxy settings got messed up. These are stored in ${JENKINS_HOME}/.gradle/, but it doesn’t seem as though the Gradle plugin is looking at it.

My guess is that my backup was not correctly made. Maybe there were some symbolics links that did not copy correctly or something of that nature.

Could someone tell me where the @#$%^ setting is for Jenkins to turn on the proxy needed to communicate to ? All this was running fine before the crash.

When I was setting up my Gradle builds in Jenkins, I chose not to depend on properties stored elsewhere. I simply set the proxy host and port with “-D” on the gradlew command line. No worries.