.h files compiled by default if placed by src/main/cpp

Simple setup:

src/main/cpp/test.cpp src/main/cpp/internalheader.h src/main/headers/publicheader.h

By default, internalheader.h will be compiled as if it was a source file… shouldn’t we default to including **/*.cpp? Also, pretty much every single library every made uses /include for its headers, it might be more intuitive to have src/main/include replace src/main/headers as the default path for exported headers… (I can see how /headers is more… *.h-ish, but I can’t think of any other language that would collide with a /include)

Yep, we should provide some default extensions in our source set conventions. You can always override these but our current convention of ‘everything file in this directory’ isn’t overly helpful.