Groovy-DSL does not generate setter for Property-typed properties

According to the userguide’s Lazy Configuration section:

Note that Groovy Gradle DSL will generate setter methods for each Property -typed property in a task implementation. These setter methods allow you to configure the property using the assignment ( = ) operator as a convenience.

This appears to not function when the task class’s field is explicitly public.

class PropTest extends DefaultTask {
    final Property<String> message = String )
    /* does not work (Cannot cast object 'hi' with class 'java.lang.String' to class 'org.gradle.api.provider.Property')
    public final Property<String> message = String )

    void doWork() {
        println message.get()
task hi( type: PropTest ) {
    message = "hi"

I noticed this when I tried porting a task class from the build script into a java class in a plugin. Is this a bug or is there missing documentation about the limitations?

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