Grandle error, when i try built game in Unity

When I try to build the app, it throws me an error:

FAIL: Build failed with exception.

* Where: File 'C:\Users\Lukáš\Fart button\Library\Bee\Android\Prj\IL2CPP\Gradle\launcher\build.gradle' line: 1
* What went wrong: A problem occurred while evaluating the ':launcher' project.

> Failed to use plugin [id '']. Your project path contains non-ASCII characters. This will most likely cause the build to fail in Windows. Please move the project to another directory. Please see for details. This warning can be turned off by adding the line 'android.overridePathCheck=true' to the file in the project directory.

* Try: Run with the --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with the --info or --debug option to get the next log output. Execute with the --scan option to get a full report.


E:\Unity\2021.3.21f1\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer\OpenJDK\bin\java.exe -classpath "C:\Grandle\gradle-6.1.1\lib\gradle-launcher-6.1.1.jar" org.gradle.launcher.GradleMain "-Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4096m" "assembleRelease"

I’ve been trying to solve this for a week now and have no idea what to do. I’ve tried everything…

I tried several times to reinstall all packages (ndk, jdk, sdk) - nothing helped. But what I found, the program can’t use the plugin. I think it is simply looking for another way, other than the Adroid studio repository where the plugins are downloaded (in a folder). But then I don’t know what else to do…

Attached is a look at all the erroros:

The error message you pasted is pretty clear, isn’t it?
The Android Gradle Plugin does not like your username with special characters in the path of the project.
Move it somewhere else as the error clearly suggests.