Gradlew setupDecompWorkSpace failed


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Is this a regression? If yes, which version of Gradle do you know it last worked for?

Hello. I’m new to minecraft modding and following a tutorial, which is working fine until I try to run the gradlew setupDecompWorkspace command. I’ve been googling and researching for over an hour but have only found articles related to the Minecraft Decompilation process. This is not my problem. I’ve changed the environment variables and added the JAVA_HOME one, but it is stuck. It keeps reading:

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ':splitServerJar’
    Could not expand ZIP ‘C:\Users\NPA99.gradle\caches\minecraft\net\minecraft\minecraft_server\1.8\minecraft_server-1.8.jar’.

I do not have the multiplayer server file downloaded for minecraft and the only one I can find on is the 1.10 version. I am trying to mod 1.8. Do I need this file? If yes, can someone provide a link please, I can’t find it.

I’m on Windows 8.1 Home. Using ForgeGradle 2.0 snapshot with the MCP version 9.10

I know nothing of coding. Please help!



Ok, I seem to have fixed this, but now the JAVA_HOME path isn’t working. I set it to the path:
But now it won’t even try to complete the process.



Again. I finally fixed the JAVA_HOME (I forgot the space in Program Files) and now it’s back to failing the ‘splitServerJar.’ Can someone please help? I’m talking to myself here.




Ok. Sorry. I’m learning this stuff all new. I figured it out. I didn’t have exactly the right directory.

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When you’re asking a question about how to set up Minecraft modding on the Gradle forums, probably not. In general, this community knows Gradle the build tool, not how a particular, unrelated project is using the tool, unless you tell us.