Gradlew clean install failed under 7.4.2

Hi Everyone,

While I am upgrading my gradle version from 6.5.1 to 7.4.2, I am facing issue while running gradlew clean install.

Gradle Version: 7.4.2 (gradle wrapper)
Java Version: 11
Error: Task ‘install’ not found in root project ‘xxx-root’

Could anyone has idea on how to fix this issue. gradlew clean install is working fine with 7.4.2

I believe the install task was part of the legacy maven plugin, which has long been deprecated and was removed in Gradle 7.
Did you used to use the maven plugin and replace it with maven-publish when you upgraded to Gradle 7? If yes, then use the publishToMavenLocal task.

Oh ok. I thought it is still available. I updated maven-publish plugin, sure I will run the publishToMavenLocal task

Thanks @Chris_Dore it worked fine now.

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