is it planned for the future that I can define tasks in my buildscript which are automatically executed by the GradleProjectBuilder?
If a have some tasks which I want to execute each time a project is built, this would be very useful…

At the moment the project builder doesn’t run any gradle tasks, correct?

Thanks for a short response.

What you suggest is on our “would be nice to have” list, but we have no time allocated for the implementation.
Just for completeness, the purpose of GradleProjectBuilder is to do project structure validation.

At the moment we have our own eclipse plugin with builders to generate code and do code checks, etc…
It would be nice to implement that in a gradle task instead of writing our own eclipse plugins.
But for that purpose it’s necessary that the task is called each time the project is built.

So, it would be a nice feature :wink:

But, thanks for the answer anyway!