Gradle Xtext Error When Testing

Hi all,

So, compiling Xtend using my src-gen and the org.xtend.xtend Gradle plugin works great. Testing through Eclipse works great as well. The problems start when I try to run my tests through Gradle - I keep getting the following error: org.eclipse.emf.common.util.WrappedException: org.eclipse.xtext.resource.ClasspathUriResolutionException: org.eclipse.xtext.resource.FileNotFoundOnClasspathException: Couldn’t find resource on classpath. URI was ‘classpath:myProject/myLang.xmi’

The sourceSets.test.resources.srcDirs does include my src-gen lib, which is where my *.xtextbin is located, I don’t even have an *.xmi file saved anywhere. I’ve tried

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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