Gradle wrapper example in user guide references outdated Gradle version

This docs sample needs to be updated:

The wrapper doesn’t have to be the latest version. In fact often times projects want to stay on an older version of Gradle to ensure full compatibility of their build. The Gradle version really just depends on what you choose to use in your project. 1.4 is just and example here.

People tend to use documentation examples, relying that latest documentation is latest recommended best practice; in this case that their new Gradle project will be built using latest Gradle. If they do that now with this example, please correct if I’m wrong, they will get old Gradle wrapper, which maybe hasn’t changed since 1.4 but it configures old 1.4 Gradle URL and the project will end up being built with old Gradle.

That would be correct. Maybe we can improve on the describing text here. Would you be interested in working on that? We’d love to see improved documentation. If yes, feel free to submit a pull request.

Yes I would. I would have created pull request and created ticket in JIRA already, at least initially with just version change in that sample, but creating tickets on JIRA seems to be disabled for community, and message there mentions to create topic here first. Please create ticket in JIRA for this, and share ticket number here, so I can reference it in commit, branch, and pull request.

Not a big deal. No need to necessarily create a JIRA ticket for this. Please also provide us with the signed CLA. For more information check the contribution page.