Gradle wrapper break build by old jackson-annotations-2.3.2.jar

Gradle have that dep in itself: gradle-2.12/lib/plugins/jackson-annotations-2.3.2.jar.

We have in project:

On build I got:
:backend:compileJava /home/pasha/Projects/UniData/unidata/main/backend/src/main/java/com/unidata/mdm/backend/api/rest/dto/meta/ error: cannot find symbol @JsonProperty(index=1, value="name")

System gradle on Fedora 23 of version 2.5 build that project without any problem. But even wrapper of 2.5 version still produce that error.

Could you please help me resolve it?

Hi Pavel,

Gradle does not put its internal jars on the compile classpath, so this is not the cause.

Please provide more context, ideally a reproducible example project.


Ok. How I then could list all classpath used for compile?

gradle dependencyInsight --configuration compile --dependency jackson-annotations

Will tell you where it comes from.

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@st_oehme, thank you very much. It helpful. I do not say why (I have not change something which I may think should fix it) but it work now.