Gradle war task generates META-INF folder in root of war file

My gradle war task seems to generate a META-INF in the root of my war file. Is this a bug in gradle? AFAIK meta-inf doesnt belong in the root of war files.

Here is my build.gradle:

apply plugin:'war'
sourceCompatibility = 1.7

Here is my project layout:

Here is the contents of the war. Notice the META-INF folder

Am I doing something wrong?

Like a Jar archive, a War archive is expected to have a ‘META-INF/MANIFEST.MF’ file.

hi i am getting only meta-inf/ in my war file . other files are not there. what is the mistake i am doing. kindly give me some code to create a war file for my eclipse project… also tell me how to fetch all the .jar file to compile the build … thanku …