Gradle Version Catalog and JavaFX Dependencies - Classifier

I am currently testing Version Catalog on a JavaFX project of mine. Therefore I need to update the dependencies and found something where I am stuck.

My dependencies are looking like this:

dependencies {

I’ve created a libs.versions.toml file to reference the
dependencies later

javafx-win = "11.0.2:win"

javafx-base-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-base", version.ref = "javafx-win" }
javafx-controls-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-controls", version.ref = "javafx-win" }
javafx-fxml-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-fxml", version.ref = "javafx-win" }
javafx-graphics-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-graphics", version.ref = "javafx-win" }
javafx-media-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-media", version.ref = "javafx-win" }
javafx-web-win = { module = "org.openjfx:javafx-web", version.ref = "javafx-win" }

javafx-win = ["javafx-base-win", "javafx-controls-win", "javafx-fxml-win", "javafx-graphics-win",
  "javafx-media-win", "javafx-web-win"]

The problem that occurs now is that the depdendencies could not be found e.g.

dependencies {
> Could not find org.openjfx:javafx-base:11.0.2-win.
        Searched in the following locations:
        If the artifact you are trying to retrieve can be found in the repository but without metadata in 'Maven POM' format, you need to adjust the 'metadataSources { ... }' of the repository declaration.
        Required by:
            project :

404 Not Found to the website:

Probably this path should be correct: Central Repository: org/openjfx/javafx-base/11.0.2

I would appreciate the help how I should configure the tomlfile.

Thanks in advance!

The classifier is not part of the version catalog.
There is no way to specify the classifier in the version catalog.
The classifier is part of the actual usage of the version catalog entry.

Thanks for the reply!