Gradle version 7.3.3 war

How to make war work while using gradle 7.3.3? Working on a project that has a war and want to update the gradle wrapper version

war {
archieveFileName: ‘shopping-cart.war’

Getting errors: No signature method: build_798hasdfh.war is applicable for type: (build_798hasdfh_run_closure2) values: [build_798hasdfh$_run_closure2@454646] Possible solution: wait(), wait(long), tap(groovy.lang.closure), run(), run(), any().

I need the deployable war. Any help would be appreciated.

You probably want

tasks.war {
    archiveFileName = 'shopping-cart.war'

Thank you, tried it but receiving the following error: "Could not find method archiveFileName() for arguments {shopping-cart.war] on task ‘:shopping-cart.war’ of type org.gradle.api.tasks.bunding.War

You forgot the =. . .

Rookie mistake … made the correction and now its working … thank you @Vampire