Gradle -v throwing exception in my corporate Windows 10 Enterprise

Gradle installation
Version 8.0.2
Downloaded binary zip
Unzipped under C:/Users/myuserid
Added under System environment variables “Path”

Opened cmd - run as administrator
Typed Gradle -v --stacktrace

Exception thrown (a long stack Trace). At the extreme bottom the last exception shown is -
Caused by: Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: net.rubygrapefruit.platform.intrrnal.jni.NativeLibraryFunctions.getVersion()L
at net.rubygrapefruit.platform.internal.jni.NativeLibraryFunctions.getVersion(Native Method)
at net.rubygrapefruit.platform.Native.init(
… 21 more

More information as per my analysis

OS - Windows 10 Enterprise
System - 64 bit and
Java - java - version gives “1.80_162-b12”
The unzipped Gradle folder is kept under my user ID directory which does not ask for any admin permission to read/write. Create directory is allowed.
Windows temp folder - windows key + R and search for %temp% which is located at C:/Users/duttabb/AppData/Local/Temp
Maven - installed and works without any issue. Many other softwares/tools installed and work without any issue.

After running “gradle -v” for the first time it creates a folder called “.gradle” under “C:/Users/myuserid”. Where I can see “native//windows-amd64/native-platform.dll” file.

I have gone through 2 more existing threads in Gradle-discuss on similar issues but did not help me to get it resolved.

Please help me ASAP.