Gradle upgrade from v4.7 to v7.3.3 gives "Failed to notify project evaluation listener" error

We’re finally trying to upgrade to the latest v7.3.3 from a very old version, and to no surprise are hitting some snags. I did this

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-version 7.3.3 --distribution-type all --scan

And the scan results are here. The top-level error is

> Failed to notify project evaluation listener.
   > org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.repositories.DefaultMavenArtifactRepository.getConfiguredCredentials()Lorg/gradle/api/credentials/Credentials;

Any pointers? Thanks!

As your stacktrace shows, the com.github.kaklakariada.awsm-credentials-gradle plugin is trying to call a method that does no longer exist. It is most probably simply not compatible with Gradle 7.3.3.

Btw. please refrain from using the --distribution-type all.
It is wasting time, bandwith, and disk space of everyone or everything executing that build.
If you are using the Kotlin DSL for your build scripts it also gives exactly 0 added value.
If you are using the Groovy DSL it might help a bit when writing the build, but for the price of hurting anyone just wanting to execute the build, so better just set it to all manually locally while actually working on the build only.

Your response regarding the distribution type piqued my interest, I’ve always just thought that the all distribution is a little more versatile in unspecific ways (possibly for development and debugging), but looking at the documentation (The Gradle Wrapper I can totally see myself switching to bin. Thanks!

When making that big of a jump you will need to edit gradle/wrapper/ manually. Not going to be able to use the wrapper task because of backward compatibility issues.

What issues are you talking about?
The wrapper task should be pretty stable and forward compatible.

Major version changes imply a potential backward incompatibility. We had to modify our build files each time we updated from 4 to 5 to 6 to 7. And some older plugins are no longer supported or need updating to a newer version themselves.

Of course, but that was not the point of mjparme. He said the wrapper task is not usable but the properties file needs to be edited by hand and that I doubt seriously.