Gradle, taking 4 min to complete tasks

(Igor Costa) #1

Gradle on Android Studio.

I’ve tweet yesterday about a potential issue with gradle when indexing new SDK over Android Studio

Turns out that Xavier from Android SDK got his attention, but I want to know if anyone has this problem of laggy build system.

I’m currently using a Windows 7, intel i7, 8Gb RAM, JDK 1.7

So, to attempt to reproduce the same behavior I guess I found the issue, it’s happens every time I try to index an project structure over a new SDK in Android.

Default SDK works like a charm, but if I change from the current project for a new one, every time I try to build it takes 3 or 4 min to index and build it. Every single hit.

I really would like to appreciate any input.

Best Regards

(Alex Ruiz) #2

Hi Igor,

I work in Xav’s team (Android tooling at Google) in Gradle-AndroidStudio integration. The problem may be in this integration (or maybe somewhere else, but looking at the integration is a good starting point.) What do you think we continue this conversation over e-mail (to avoid spamming Gradle forum with Android Studio issues)? My e-mail is

Thank you! -Alex

(Igor Costa) #3

Sure, I will email you and we can continue to talk over there.

(Alex Ruiz) #4

Thank you, Igor.

(Peter Niederwieser) #5

Thanks Alex for jumping in.

(Alex Ruiz) #6

My pleasure!