Gradle startup time improvement

I’ve enabled Gradle Daemon. Now running the tasks task even after few tries takes around 1 second (no builder script or source file modification). Here’ s a profile of this:
Description Duration
Total Build Time 1.330s
Startup 0.984s
Settings and BuildSrc 0.199s
Loading Projects 0.003s
Configuring Projects 0.080s
Task Execution 0.044s

As one can see the most time consuming phases are startupm and (settings and buildsrc). Can’t we speedup this somehow? For the settings and buildsrc, one could perhaps provide a check to ignore files, use the settings already inside the daemon? Also why does it take 1 second for gradle startup with a daemon already running in the background? Any way to speed this up?

Using Gradle 2.6, on SSD and 3.3GHZ CPU.

Hi @Bernat_Gabor,

That’s an usually long time for this. Something is curious about your environment. Would you be able to profile the startup using YourKit or similar?

What OS are you on?

Sure, I’m on Arch Linux, latest kernel and all that.

@luke_daley any advices for how to profile? the wrapper process finishes quite fast, the daemon stays there longer. I have no YourKit license so probably will need to fallback to VisualVM.