Gradle-sonarqube-plugin is gone from jcenter?

I don’t see the gradle-sonarqube-plugin in jcenter. Also I don’t find it in maven central.

Any gradle folks know about it? or is it controlled by sonar ?

SonarSource controls this plugin and publishes it to the Gradle Plugin Portal.

The Gradle Plugin Portal originally depended on plugins being published to jcenter, but the Plugin Portal started hosting plugins directly about a year ago. It now falls back to jcenter only if the dependency is not available directly.

The first release of the gradle-sonarqube-plugin was after this transition, so I don’t believe that the gradle-sonarqube-plugin was ever published to jcenter. The Gradle Plugin Portal is the primary (and perhaps only) public source of the built plugin.

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The question was already asked and answered on SonarQube mailing list: