Gradle Signing Plugin

Asked this multiple days ago with no response - Gradle Signing plugin - Stack Overflow

(answer there for “reputation” too!)

I simply cannot get the signing plugin to work. I specifically need to use the in-memory approach as my releases are done from CI machine. I’ve tried both forms -

signing {
    useInMemoryPgpKeys(signingKey, signingPassword)


signing {
    useInMemoryPgpKeys(signingKeyId, signingKey, signingPassword)

I have verified that the “correct” (my expectation anyway) values get passed to the script. But both forms lead to

   > Could not read PGP secret key

Help? Please?

Answered over there. :slight_smile:
In short, your expectation is wrong, because you pass the public key, not the secret key, so “could not read secret key” makes sense.