Gradle Script not working in AIX System

I am migrating one project from ant to gradle. I am working on windows as well as AIX System.
While building in windows system, gradle build is successful; but when I am running the same script in AIX system, getting ClassNotFoundException.Kindly suggest me something so that I could proceed further and build successfully.

Below is the gradle task code snippet to compile Java Files :
sourceSets {
main {
java {
srcDir “…/…/src”
include ‘com/freddiemac/batch/
include 'com/freddiemac/app/

include ‘com/freddiemac/common/
include 'com/sdms/common/

include ‘com/sdms/services/common/**’

compileJava {
options.compilerArgs << “{annotationPDebug}" options.compilerArgs << "-AchartcOutput={annotationPOutput}”
options.compilerArgs << “-processor” << “com.pcs.common.annotation.MCChartcEntityProcessor”
options.fork = true // Fork your compilation into a child process
options.forkOptions.setMemoryMaximumSize(“4g”) // Set maximum memory to 4

After running in AIX System, Error :

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ‘:core:common:compileJava’.

Annotation processor ‘com.pcs.common.annotation.MCChartcEntityProcessor’ not found

Kindly Suggest. Thanks in advance.