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(Thufir) #1

I want to set the org.gradle.daemon=true in but the Netbeans plugin doesn’t seem to create such a file.

If I create such a file, am I mucking up the IDE in some way? It’s implied, through other threads, that the gradle plugin does use the daemon in some way.

Is there an approved, Netbeans friendly, way of enabling this? The goal is that I want to be able to run gradle from the CLI as well as the IDE.

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(Stefan Oehme) #2

No, just go ahead and do it :slight_smile:

(Thufir) #3

thanks. I’m not fully up on gradlew, but any pointers on how that interacts with the IDE?

(Stefan Oehme) #4

I don’t know how Netbeans is implemented, but I strongly assume it uses the Gradle Tooling API, just like Eclipse and IntelliJ. The Tooling API always uses the Gradle Daemon (otherwise it would be slow). So even if you had org.gradle.daemon=false in you properties, the IDE would still use the daemon.