Gradle problem with Arquillian Tomcat7 Embeded Testing

I have project using CDI with Arquillian Junit test build with Gradle, it worked fine with Remote Server Test (JBoss6 Remote), but I’m trying to use Tomcat7 Embeded Testing and I got problem.

my project has multiple modules, say moduleB required moduleA, and moduleA.jar has /META-INF/bean.xml, so when doing test (customer test task), testCompile included moduleA.jar, and in the code the war archive include moduleA.jar again (Arquillian required), and when run test there are 2 same CDI jars in the classpath, CDI detected duplicated copy and failed to load.

Is there any way that I can overwrite testRuntime classpath to exclude the moduleA.jar? (since that jar is already in the temp war file).