Gradle plugin with unreachable SonarQube instance

I have a Jenkins server, an Amazon RDS Postgresql server and my little radiator laptop running SonarQube. Now my jenkins can reach the Postgre, and SonarQube can reach the Postgre and all this seemed like a good idea until I realized that apparently SonarRunner Gradle plugin tries to access the SonarQube via rest. This is of course a big no-no. How can I avoid this, is there a way to explicitly tell the version of sonarqube for the runner so it would skip the call to the (unreachable) rest api?

I believe that we require the Sonar server URL because Sonar’s class ‘org.sonar.batch.bootstrapper.Bootstrapper’ needs it as constructor argument. Internally, Bootstrapper makes the call to the Sonar server. Bootstrapper is used from the task SonarAnalyze. You might want to ask for this handling on the SonarQube user mailing list.