.gradle.plugin is cut from Classpathdefintion

Hallo Gradle Community
I am trying to get a PlugIn from within a compnay networks artifactory. So I tryed to define a personal plugIn repo like this (It is the old style, because the new one got me nowhere)

buildscript {
repositories {
maven {
url ‘https://artifactory.company.com/maven-gradleplugins-remote-cache/
dependencies {
classpath ‘com.github.eerohele.saxon-gradle:com.github.eerohele.saxon-gradle.gradle.plugin:0.7.0’

apply plugin: ‘com.github.eerohele.saxon-gradle’

Everything else besides “.gradle.plugin” is correctly translated into a valid url, but the above returns

I can not change the location of the plugIn at the artifactory, which should be https://artifactory.compnay.com/maven-gradleplugins-remote-cache/com/github/eerohele/saxon-gradle/com.github.eerohele.saxon-gradle.gradle.plugin/0.7.0/com.github.eerohele.saxon-gradle.gradle.plugin-0.7.0.pom

What am I doing wrong?

Please help me Gradle community. You are my last hope!