Gradle Plugin Error

Why does gradle give this error in Flamingo? CAN YOU HELP?

Maybe you previously tried to resolve and it remembers not having found it or something like that. Try with --refresh-dependencies.

I’m new in android studio, I used the command you said, it didn’t work. I’ve uninstalled the entire program and its connections and reinstalled it, still getting the same error.

Make sure you do not have offline mode enabled in the Gradle tool window.

I tried all of them on and off. I tried all the methods I found on the internet, but I could not solve this error.

Try building from the command line to take AS out of the equation.
If it still does not work, try with running with --info or --debug to get more information, or with --scan id you can.
Do you maybe use some proxy or similar?

Thank you very much Björn for your help. Solution: When I added the Proxy certificate to jbr/lib/security/cacert with keytool, the problem was solved.

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