Gradle offline mode running error No cached version

I am running gradle build as mentioned below
gradlew -Dgradle.user.home=C:/applications/gradle_home/gradle/user_home
after that i have changed to offline mode as mentioned below
gradlew -Dgradle.user.home=C:/applications/gradle_home/gradle/user_home --offline
In both of the above case build is passing but when i copy the gradle home(C:/applications/gradle_home/gradle/user_home) to different machine and run below command build is failing
gradlew -Dgradle.user.home=C:/applications/gradle_home/gradle/user_home --offline

Error Msg :No cached version of xxxxxxx available for offline mode.

Good luck trying to get anyone to plainly address this issue… I mean, gradle downloads everything to your machine and then executes… but moving that SAME data to another machine is like asking to solve cold fusion or something… why have an --offline argument if you can never build offline.