Gradle not handling Maven parent POMs with version-range

(Michael Weir) #1

I have a Gradle build that needs to fetch dependencies from a Nexus
repo that has been populated using Maven. Some of the POMs there use
version-ranges when specifying a parent POM.

In my build.gradle I put a dependency:

compile group: '', name: 'abc-common', version: '[11.0,12.0['

The Gradle logs show that a request is made for the versions of abc-common, and its POM and its parent’s POM are fetched:



But Gradle fails to fetch the corporate-parent POM. Instead of
requesting what versions are present on the repo, it tries to fetch
using the version-range literal:


Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known problem with Gradle? Is there a work-around?

Any help is much appreciated. This is a show-stopper for me. If I can’t find a solution, I’ll have to convert our build back to Maven.