Gradle Nebula DEB building for Raspberry Pi

I am completely new to Gradle, AND new to building packages - so this is a whole lot of semi-blind hunting and pecking.

I am attempting to port an existing gradle based project ( to run on a raspberry pi. I actually have everything compiling correctly, and packaging up, but I’m having an issue getting the resultant .deb to have the proper architecture set. The proper architecture for the target system is ‘armhf’. This does not appear to be a valid option for the ‘arch’ property of a deb tast, only arm will work (I get an error of "Could not find property ‘ARMHF’ on task ‘:packageDebArm’). This then creates a deb with ‘arm’ as the required architecture, which then means I need to force it to install (which works, and the program works) with either --force-architecture, or adding ‘arm’ as a foreign architecture.

Is there a way to make this work without needing to force something to install it?