Gradle - Multiple settings gradle files for multiple proejct building useing

I have the following project structure

Idea of above project structure is that we have multiple projects which contains subprojects, each project can have dependencies to other projects. Also subprojects inside the project can have dependencies to other subprojects within the same project. Projects will be specified in the settings.gradle in the root. Also settings.gradle inside each project will say what are the subprojects of that particular project.

My settings.gradle in the root would looks like

include ‘Project1’,


and Project1 settings.gradle will looks like

include ‘SubProject11’


other depndecy orders are defined in the respective build.gradle files If I rand gradle clean build install inside the root location(Standar location) it doesn’t seems to use configurations in the Project level settings.gradle file.

What I’m doing here wrong. ??

This kind of multi tiered composition is not something that is supported at the moment.

From the current directory, gradle walks up the filesystem looking for a ‘settings.gradle’. It will use the first one it finds and stop there.

This is definitely something we will support in the future in some manner, but I can’t give you any details on when that would be unfortunately.