Gradle maven wagon plugin doesn't work with jdk8u60

Hey guys.
Today our SaaS CI provider updated version of jdk up to 8u60.
Thus, we started discovering issue with downloading our artifacts from private repo hosted on S3.
Quick investigation shows up that problem is in joda-time - see
Another quick investigation show up that current version of joda-time in Gradle is 2.7. And that’s why maven plugin (s3 wagon) is unable to download or upload any artifacts to S3 using jdk8u60.

So I’m asking you guys to bump up joda-time dependency into >=2.8.2.

Here is initial commit with joda-time dependency -
And here is another issue in aws-sdk which we got reproduced -


Thanks for the report. This was also reported in another topic Fetching artifacts from s3 backed repository fails with jdk8u60.

We’ve raised an issue for this.

Fixed in 2.7-rc-2, well-tested on our builds.