Gradle Maven Publish plugin, option to read credintials from standard input on the fly

In case of using the Maven publish plugin if credintials are required there should be an option to read this on-demand from the console. Any ideas for this?

Sure we can implement it as Groovy code inside the Gradle script, but it’s cumbersome in case of multiple project. I think this could be part of the plugin.

One thing we would like to implement is a more abstract way of dealing with credentials in general. This would likely be part of a larger refactoring effort of which one of the available credential “providers” would be an implementation that would read from stdin.

Any actual plan for this? Roadmap and concept like? Does it makes sense to
implement this in the meantime and transform it later once the new concepts

We don’t have a spec for this at the moment. I think something like this could be pretty easily implemented via a plugin, which is probably the most appropriate way to go forward at the moment.