Gradle loads CPU (high CPU usage)

Hi all, I have one problem. Firstly about configuration .

I am using Linux Debian ,IDE- Android Studio.

My PC config : CPU - Intel Core i7

Memory - 8GB. Video - built in intel HD graphics

The problem is that gradle using 100% CPU while Studio starts.

But it is also use CPU while programm compiling,starting - every time when gradle is invoked.

I am very disappointed about this and worrying about my CPU and PC . Such stresses is not good CPU.

Futhermore , I have noticed that on Windows CPU usage is lower , but memory usage is higher .

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks everyone in advance .

Yea don’t use android studio imo. It’s great but older computers and even some newer ones get stressed out by it. My 2.3Ghz i7 Macbook Pro w/ 16GB RAM and a GTX 750m video card from late 2013 heats up like crazy from just opening up and idling on a project. I got the macbook four weeks ago but this is just ridiculous. Other IDEs don’t have this problem, it’s unreal. My older i3 computer takes maybe 5 seconds PER operation in android studio (i.e simply loading another folder, opening up a java file, and ~20 seconds to open up an xml and preview it) but runs in eclipse just fine. Android studio is still in beta (.08.1.3 at this time) so maybe when they release it it’ll be better. But for now I’d prefer eclipse when working with android despite the benefits android studio has.

They are aware of the issue:

A useful link in the meantime: