Gradle init scala application


At the momet I can see this output of gradle init command:

Select type of project to generate:
  1: basic
  2: cpp-application
  3: cpp-library
  4: groovy-application
  5: groovy-library
  6: java-application
  7: java-library
  8: kotlin-application
  9: kotlin-library
  10: scala-library
Enter selection (default: basic) [1..10]

Are there some planes (or maybe help is needed) to add scala-application as well?
For people like me it’s kind of important, to avoid learning sbt
Speaking of sbt and gradle when we talking about scala support, then it’s just a one more tool or it’s definitely no ways to avoid that learning curve even when I’m planning use Gradle only?
Maybe scala plugin has some limitations in comparison to features available in sbt?