Gradle hangs during test execution

Gradle tests execution hangs on my machine. All tests pass on milestone 6 and 7, but from 8a and upward it hangs in the middle of execution. I think it always hang on the same test.

I am running it on Windows 7 32bit, Java 1.6

Please advice.

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Hello Sergey, if you think it always hangs on the same test, can you give us a bit more informations about this test? Or even better, can you provide a selfcontained little example of the problem?

regards, René

I would be happy to supply this information, but how can I locate this test? We have hundreds of them and Gradle only writes how much tests were already executed. I saw that it is always hangs on the same number, but how can I know what test is it?

You can add a testListener to print out the test which is currently executed by adding the following snippet to your script:

    beforeTest{ descr ->
        logger.warn("Starting Test ${descr.className} : ${}")

Thanks. I found the names of the tests, but I’ll have to debug in order to understand where it hang.

For now I noticed that some tests are failing with RC3 version before it hangs, although all test pass with milestone 7. I’ll update later with debug results.

That was bug in our code. It caused StackOverflowError, but for some reason only with more recent Gradle versions. The problem was solved. Thanks for help.