Gradle findbugsMain is not found

Hi there, I am newbie to gradle and I am finding an issue with properly setting up findbugs in my project I have ‘apply plugin: ‘findbugs’’ in build.gradle. and when I do ‘gradle findbugsMain’, it fails as it does not find the task. but when I do ‘gradle findbugs’,

gradle findbugs
:ClioAndroid:compileUnitTestJava UP-TO-DATE
:ClioAndroid:processUnitTestResources UP-TO-DATE
:ClioAndroid:unitTestClasses UP-TO-DATE
:ClioAndroid:findbugsUnitTest UP-TO-DATE
  Total time: 8.621 secs

it has ‘ClioAndroid:findbugsUnitTest’ and in fact when I do ‘gradle build’ it runs ‘ClioAndroid:findbugsUnitTest’ as well.

what am I missing to properly add findbugsMain? much appreciated for your help.

The findBugs plugin doesn’t yet work with the android plugin. You can find a few different workarounds by googling.