Gradle-experimental ndk recursively include headers


I am using gradle 2.9 in android studio using experimental ndk support 0.6.0-alpha-1 (see

Is there a way to recursively include headers from a folder?

            exportedHeaders {
                srcDir "src"
                srcDir "../../Classes"
                srcDir "../../../../dependencies/project/mobile/android"
                srcDir "../../../../dependencies/project/mobile/engine"

doesn’t seems to recursively include headers from sub-folders of android, engine etc.

I have just stumbled upon this: Cpp plugin source file location conventions feel wrong.

It says that there is no convenient way to recursively include headers, but it was for gradle 1.7, and I am using 2.9. I am hoping things have changed !

As pointed out in the following posts, I have tried using:

                include "*/.cpp"


                include "*/.h"

with no luck.

After some search, I suspect headers are included, but as the build relies on another hybrid project which is never built (see google groupd android-ndk for ref), missing headers from that project prevents the other of my project to be defined, and thus misleadingly leads me to think that they are not included.

I am not sure yet. I’ll post an updated when I will be sure.