Gradle error, errors

“gradle” error - source codes used: 1)JustEnoughItems-4.15.0 2)forge-1.12.2- 3)Wizardry-1.12.2 4)AntiqueAtlas-4.6.3 5)Baubles-master

I don’t know where the logs and crashes are, please write me what to do so that you can help me… please.

I’ll tell you what I did: first I added the sources of the “forge” to the folder, then I uploaded the sources of the mod, but not replacing the folders, but inserting those elements that were not in the “forge” ./build, ./gradlew genIntellijRuns, ./gradlew. An error occurred during the last procedure:

You should probably ask in some forge forum. Gradle-wise you are trying to compile Java code that does not compile, für example because it does not find certain classes.

Yes, sometimes. I don’t know who to ask…

Thanks. I found him.