Gradle-Eclipse plugin doesn't add correct dependency with 'configuration' to build path

I think the Gradle-Eclipse plugin doesn’t add correct dependencies with an Ivy ‘configuration’ set. I’m using the latest Gradle-Eclipse plugin and applied the ‘eclipse’ plugin to my build.gradle.

I have a dependency that looks like:
providedCompile (group: “”, name: “portlet-struts-support”, version: “8.0.0”, configuration: “jsr168”)

There are three Ivy configurations: ‘core’, ‘jsr168’, ‘ibmapi’. ‘core’ is the default, the other two extend from ‘core’.

The Eclipse build path includes the JAR files from the ‘core’ config but not ‘jsr168’.


Hey Patrick, I’ll take a look.

Any progress on this? It could be a blocker for us if we can’t get the IDE to get the dependencies from Gradle.