Gradle + Eclipse + Multiproject: How to not export provided JARs that are dependencies of a dependency?

Hi all,

I posted this to stackoverflow -, though the comment from Andreas is that it works for him. Since his feedback I created a github project with a minimal example in that post ( ) and it doesn’t work for me. I’m hoping someone else can try it.

In summary, the

Gradle Multiproject with a Provided scope / configuration. Running war from the CL creates a .war with no jars marked with ‘provided’. But run Eclipse > Run On Tomcat and the provided and test jars go to webinf/lib.

  1. cd master
  2. gradle war
  3. jar tvf …/apir/build/libs/apir.war | grep jar
  4. Observe no ‘tomcat’ jars are in the war

Now do in Eclipse:

  1. In Eclipse with Gradle plugin … right-click > import > gradle and select the master project > build > select > ok
  2. Choose ‘apir’ project > right-click > run on server > piviol tc S rver is fine
  3. Choose 'pivotal tc Server ’ > Browse Deployme3t Location
  4. Observe there ARE ‘tomcat’ jars in the wtpwebapps/apir/WEB-INF/lib directory

Lastly I would like feedback on how to debug this problem. In the github project you will see I print out configurations.provided and some information for eclipse.classpath.noExportConfigurations but need to see more for noExportConfigurations and I don’t know how. What about debug to see the inner-workings of the eclipse-wtp plugin?

Looking through the gradle issues this seems to be an instance of (i tried to add that tag but it doesn’t exist)