Gradle daemon process binds port but never releases it

(Moritz) #1

Hey guys,

I’m currenlty experiencing some weirdness concerning the gradle daemon and running a task which is starting a tomcat (using the tomcat plugin by bmuschko). Once the task is started, the given port is bound to the gradle daemon process but never released, even it the task is done and the tomcat stopped. When not using the gradle daemon, everything works great. Is this a known issues with a workaround?



(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Hi Moritz,

This issue was reported before but we had found a workaround for it. Based on the importance of the Gradle daemon to the development process I am going to reopen the ticket on GitHub: Future comments will be added to the issue on GitHub.



(Moritz) #3

Sounds good to me :wink:

(vipss78) #4

What is the workaround for this issue? Since I am having the same issue.

(Moritz) #5

Turning off the gradle daemon works for us. It’s a little annoying because of the longer startup times but it works.

(Luke Daley) #6

All discussion for this issue is moving to the GitHub project for the Tomcat plugin. Once this issue is resolved I’ll update this topic.

The link to the GitHub issue is here: