Gradle checkstylew default version should be increased

Latest checkstyle version is 5.7 as of today:

With gradle 2.0, it seems this is still not 5.7 (not sure which version is used instead).

This affects new functionalities like here:

<module name="SuppressWarningsFilter" />
    <module name="TreeWalker">
        <module name="SuppressWarningsHolder" />

Current workaround is to add to build.gradle:

dependencies {

or with newer guava:

dependencies {
    checkstyle('') {
        exclude group: ''
    checkstyle("") { force = true }

If there is any reason not to use latest checkstyle, at least the checkstyle page could provide an example of how to use a later version, such as the snippet above.

That’s exactly what the ‘checkstyle’ dependency is for - to be able to use a selected version of checkstyle. It is described in section 29.4 of the manual here:

Yes, I am aware of that page and that’s how I managed to find the solution, eventually. However, IMHO, the default version should always be the newest (stable). And second, the documentation is understandable for Gradle experts, but most users use the gradle docs just to copy&paste snippets into their build.gradle file, and I think the docs should make that process easier by giving an example.

Ideally users should only need to specify a version if they do not want the newest (upgrade opt-out), IMHO.

So BTW, default checkstyle version in gradle 1.12 is 5.6, in 2.0 it is 5.7. So it seems the updates are in place anyway.

That doesn’t seem to be explained in 29.4 of the doc anymore?