Gradle build failed if buildscript repositories both have local repo and artifactory repo

I have a gradle plugin writen by groovy, it will publish to our artifactory finally.
Project structue:
| - plugin-project
| - build.gradle ( add compile project(’:common-project’) in dependencies)
| - common-project

But when I debug it locally, always build failed.
test folder:
|- sample
| - build.gradle (paste below)

apply plugin: 'java-library’
apply plugin: ‘plugin-project’

buildscript {
repositories {
maven { url uri(’…/plugin-project/build/repo’) }
maven { url ‘http://xxxx/’ }
dependencies {
classpath group: ‘xxxx’, name: ‘plugin-project’, version: ‘1+’

I always build failed on my sample folder, but when I comment this line:
maven { url uri(’…/plugin-project/build/repo’) }
build will success.