Gradle Build Dashboard Plugin

Hi, all. In the new Release Candidate ‘1.5-rc-1’ was introduced a new plugin for consolidating of test results. Added to the root project, this plugin adds a task which generate a dashboard HTML report which contains references to all reports that were generated during the build. So , I have multi-project build with some sub-projects and all of them have junit tests, which generates reports, when I execute :

gradle build buildDashboard

in the


folder I have index.html report but with only reference to itself. In this report doesn’t have references to the report of tests in the sub-projects.

I tried with ‘codenarc’ plugin and its reports have been linked. So is the part for linking test reports still not yet implemented or I do something wrong?

From the release notes:

This version of the build dashboard does not include links to test reports. This plugin is in the early stages of development and will be significantly improved in future Gradle releases.

Oooo missed that So when is expecting these test reports to be part of the dashboard report in 1.5,1.6 version or further?

Definitely not 1.5, as no new functionality is added after rc-1. My guess would be 1.6, but I don’t have any definitive information.